Is the mining machine a home or a trusteeship?

2018-02-05 09:44:34

Why not bitcoin for digging at their own home?
1, mining machine power consumption is huge, because of the need to calculate 24 hours non-stop, and using commercial electricity, household electricity does not comply with the working environment
2, mining machine need constant work, like the computer always on, high temperature may have crashed. Mining machine is the same, long-term calculation of overheating, need to cool down, this is a fee, there are the conditions of the use of geographical advantages to cool, if not the case, it will take 24 hours of air conditioning cooling.
3, mining machine depreciation and maintenance problems, after all, is electronic products.
4, the sound is big, the power is high, and the noise is great.
The benefits of trusteeship:
1, the annual subsidy for electricity charges will not increase by 0.28.
2, 24 hour non - power cut money
3, can be extended for one year, machine maintenance one year cost we bear
4, the operation and maintenance technology in the mine, there is a problem can be solved immediately
5, the power board needs to be returned to the factory. The company will have the top of the machine.