Miner trusteeship

2018-01-15 11:25:48

1. types of hosting services are: PandaMiner B3 Plus, PandaMiner B5 Plus
2. the trusteeship is an additional service, and the party that provides the trusteeship does not make a commitment to the operation of the mine in the ore pool and the proceeds of the pool.
3. in consideration of the safety factors of mine field management, the users are not allowed to open remote control rights
All interpretations of the 4. Internet miners reserved for trusteeship rules
Electricity fees
1. mining machine 100 sets: electricity cost 0.35 yuan / degree. 1000 sets: the electricity bill is 0.3 yuan / degree. 2000 sets: the electricity bill is 0.25 yuan / degree.
Charge 0.45 yuan per kilowatt hour electric charge according to fixed power, no charge for maintenance.
Payment: 1 months and 1 months of electricity, the logistics fee paid by the customer.
Deployment by professionals, 24 hours maintenance
2. calculate the electricity fee according to the theoretical power consumption:
PandaMiner B3 Plus theory (ETH mining) power: 1.35kW
PandaMiner B5 Plus theory (ETH mining) power: 0.8kW
ETH mining as an example, a single PandaMiner B3 Plus electricity daily: 0.45 yuan /kWh*1.35kW*24 hours =14.58 yuan
3. the last month's electricity bill is settled at the beginning of each month. The electricity bill is sent to the registered mailbox address by mail.
4. after the electricity bill is sent by the official, please pay the electricity bill within 7 days, and it will be shut down if the electricity is not paid in time
5. the blackout of the mine caused by power outage of a power station, and no electric charge is calculated during the power outage.
After the 1. trusteeship is transported to the mine, it will be deployed in bulk, with a deployment time of about 3~5 days.
2., the party who provides the hosting service will record the time of the mine's installation, and at the same time, it will start to calculate the electricity charge, and the time is accurate to 1 days.
3. the ore machine on each shelf will be named as the miner's name by the frame number
There are professional personnel on the daily maintenance of the mine in 1. mine
2. the miner's name can be repaired by the miner's name if the mining machine is stopped and the calculation is too low.
3. mine personnel will be treated after receiving the request for repair. The completion time depends on the failure of the machine.
4., a party who provides a trusteeship service does not bear the loss of profits caused by machine maintenance, and the electricity charge is still calculated according to the theoretical power consumption (a special treatment time of over 15 days).
Off the shelf
1. the users who need to retrieve the mining machine need to declare the mining machine to the official after-sale service by 3 days in advance.
2. the freight generated by the mailing machine is borne by the user.
3. the electric charge should be paid before the mining machine is taken back, or the mine machine will be withheld until the electricity fee is paid.
1. mines may be blackout
The LANs of 2. mines and the networks that communicate with the outside are likely to fail.
3., due to legal policies, wars, earthquakes, fires and power failures, the party who provides the hosting service will not be liable for compensation when the mines cannot continue to operate.
The default has been read and agreed to by the default.