What is trusteeship?

2018-02-05 09:57:42

After 1, the Internet online buying machine, will be hosted on the Internet online professional ore mine, maintained by the Internet online technical personnel 24 hours from the date of purchase of 3 working days to start deploying mining, providing direct customer wallet address, all the time can check their ore machine income and working conditions in the mine pool.
2, the interconnected online staff do the real 24 hours investigation and deal with the failure. Let the people who do not understand that can also participate in, let the large household to reduce more trivia, do not bother to study the performance of products and after-sale problems.
3, please use machine noise and high electricity tariff problems at home. The cost of infrastructure construction for about 5000 mines is about 350W, which takes more than 2 months. It can save more cost and can buy more miners, greatly reducing the start-up time and maximizing the profits of miners.
What are the cost of trusteeship?
1, machine cost, all the users who are trustee in the online online field are entitled to machine preferences (face-to-face); the cost of sending the machine to the field is free.
2, custodial security, the number of trusteeship 10-100 units, the custodial margin 2W, 100-500 custodian margin 5W, more than 500 escrow margin 10W, after the hosting service is returned.
3, the charge of service, the service charge is charged according to 100 pieces per month.
4, electricity, mine managed electricity 0.55 yuan / kWh, charged in accordance with the actual consumption, the other 5% cooling costs (fan, water etc.);
5, maintenance fee with the hosting service fee in advance for a month, paid the deposit after the boot.
How is the maintenance?
1, every day, the professional and technical personnel of the mine regularly check the online situation and calculation condition of the hosting machine. If there is an abnormal situation such as dropping or calculating power, it will be directly processed, and regularly maintain the mine daily, clean up the dust and so on.
2, in the three months of the date of purchase, if the machine due to quality problems caused to stop mining, maintenance time more than 24 hours after the flag field began to give stress compensation, for example: a machine stop for two days, then give free machine input banner of mine mining day customers wallet address.
* secure and stable regular legitimate electricity use
* low price industry equal service minimum price
* saving time and profit maximization
* after-sales guarantee development card extended to half a year warranty of other parts for one year warranty
* machine life lengthening
* environment dry air temperature low dust free machine room