What is hosting service

Mine 100 sets: electricity 0.35 yuan / degree. 1000 sets: the electricity bill is 0.3 yuan / degree. 2000 sets: the electricity bill is 0.25 yuan / degree.

Charge 0.45 yuan per kilowatt hour electric charge according to fixed power, no charge for maintenance.

Payment: 1 months 1 months electricity, logistics fee paid by the customer.

Deployment by professionals, 24 hours maintenance



    24/7 professional maintenance ensures mining stability


    Low Cost

    0.45 RMB/kWh electricity fee, with no extra maintenance fee


    Noise Free

    Get rid of noise and maintenance trouble

How to host your miner

  • Choose the hosting service option

  • We deliver your miners to our mining farm

  • Professional and real-time deployment of your miner when it arrives

  • Start mining right away for your coins


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